Second Darkness - Q

Riddleport 2

  • Banded Mail (+1 armor, Champion, Fortification (light)) (9400 gp)
  • This finely crafted armor was taken from the tomb of the lich Cola.
  • Enmity Fetish (40000 gp)
  • This finely crafted item once belonged to the halfling adventurer Thamart, who vanished in the Dread Tomb of Zeiram the Lich.
  • Immovable Rod (5000 gp) (design provides clue to function)
  • A cedar rod, inlaid with gold.
  • Oil of Shillelagh (cr, 50 gp)
  • This thin liquid smells like rot and decay.
  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds (cr, 50 gp)
  • A smoky elixir, contained in a fragile porcelain phial.
  • Potion of Heroism (cr, 750 gp)
  • A fuming serum, contained in a tapered flask.
  • Potion of Remove Fear (cr, 50 gp)
  • This yellow tincture causes flames to flicker wildly when used.
  • Rod of Minor Metamagic (Empower Spell) (9000 gp)
  • This elder rod was taken from the Caverns of Bloody Nightmares.
  • Scroll of Undetectable Alignment (cr, 150 gp)
  • Staff of Mithral Might (58000 gp)
  • A masterwork staff, set with diamond.
  • Staff of Tricks (8800 gp) (design provides clue to function)
  • This thin hawthorn staff is said to be imbued with the spirit of the elf sorcerer Gorminarf, who defeated Abiupon the Crimson.
  • Staff of Vision (86666 gp)
  • This thin staff also shines like a candle upon command.
  • Wand of Acid Splash (cr, 375 gp) (design provides clue to function)
  • This thin rowan wand was created by a goddess of magic for her most loyal hero.
  • Wand of Ray of Frost (cr, 375 gp)
  • This elm wand was created by a goddess of magic for her most loyal champion.


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